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Egg Theory – A Model for Understanding High Maintenance Long Term Conditions

“Once diagnosed and stabilised on insulin, people with Type 1 Diabetes can lead a normal life.”

This is the story we are told, at diagnosis. Test your blood sugar, take your insulin, live a normal life. The same was said to me about having Addison’s – a condition in which my adrenal glands no longer function, giving me a kind of ‘diabetes of all the things’ – blood sugar, blood pressure, fluid balance, electrolyte levels, immune system all no longer automagically controlled, and instead depending on me to manually intervene to adjust them.

But, like many chronic health conditions, diabetes and Addison’s are needy. The truer statement would have been:

“You can carry on with your normal life, you just need to carry these eggs with you, 24 hours a┬áday, 365 days a year, forever.” Continue reading