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Diabetes week: Skin in the Game

If you’d asked me about diabetes a few years ago, I would probably have had an opinion. I’m not known for being short on opinions on any given subject, but it feels weird, now, knowing that I would have had something to say about it then. Back then, I didn’t have diabetes. I knew people who had it. I had made films about it – I interviewed the first athlete in the UK to have a continuous glucose monitor, which allowed him to become the first truly-competitive british marathon runner with Type-1 diabetes. But I didn’t have it.

Now I do have it, and I’m still a total noob at this diabetes thing. Sixteen months since I started insulin, I feel like I know very little. I’ve had a rapid education from the @OurDiabetes community on Twitter. I’m not short on facts, on physiological understanding, on sick-rules and carb-counting cheats. But there are people out there who have years of experience for every month that I have – folk who don’t just have 10,000 hours (I’ve got about 11,500 now myself) of diabetes experience, but have hundreds of thousands of hours of experience of dealing with diabetes.

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